Why Residential Roof Coatings Extend the Lifespan of Your Roof

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Roofs play an important role as the first line of defense against rain, wind and other harsh elements, keeping your home safe and dry. Getting a new roof is a big investment, so getting the longest lifespan from your roof is ideal, since it puts more money back in your pocket.

Why Residential Roof Coatings Extend the Lifespan of Your Roof

Most roofs typically last for about 25-35 years, depending on the roofing material and maintenance, but did you know that there is a way to make shingle roofs last longer? Residential roof coatings are an incredible solution that help to protect, restore, and extend the life of your shingles. We’re here to explain how this technology works and why it helps your roof to last longer.

What causes your roof to wear out?

To best understand how residential roof coatings work, knowing what causes a roof to wear out explains what the coating does to prevent or delay wear-and-tear. As time goes on, asphalt shingles start to dry out. This means that they become brittle, easy to crack, and lose their flexibility. When the wind picks up, they aren’t able to flex as well and snap under the pressure. During rain, the shingles are also more susceptible to peeling away from one another, which causes cracks in your home’s shield.

How do residential roof coatings help?

Now that you know why your roof is wearing out, you can understand how residential roof coatings take action to stop your shingles from drying out. Roof Maxx’s specialized, all-natural bio-oil is applied, and it soaks into the shingles and restores their flexibility. Helping the shingles retain their natural oil means that the barrier they provide remains seamless and waterproof, allowing them to withstand temperature changes and harsh weather for longer.

This technology can absolutely transform your roof and is a worthwhile investment to prolong its lifespan, significantly extending the time before you will need to replace it. Chat with our team today about how our residential roof coatings can help.