When to Schedule Roof Cleaning Services

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Your roof is a considerable investment, so taking care of it will help it to last longer and you won’t run into major repairs or need to replace it as quickly. Making roof cleaning a regular part of your roof maintenance helps to prolong its lifespan, which in turn offers the benefit of keeping your family safe and comfortable, preventing pests, offering bigger energy savings, and, as a bonus, making your roof look fresh.

When to Schedule Roof Cleaning Services

Here are our tips on when to schedule roof cleaning services to maximize its effectiveness:

  • Frequency: Having your roof cleaned annually will help to keep it in great condition so it can continue to do its important work of protecting your home. You can wait for a couple of years to have it cleaned if you’ve just recently had your roof installed (though make sure to still perform your spring and fall cleaning!).
  • Time of Year: The spring and fall months are great times of year to have roof cleaning scheduled (though this does not mean you cannot have it cleaned during the other times of year). The springtime allows roof cleaning to address any debris or growth that has occurred from the winter, while fall helps to have your roof inspected and prepped for the colder weather. You can also tie roof cleaning into your other seasonal maintenance tasks.
  • Additional Signs: Having regularly scheduled roof cleaning is good for ongoing maintenance, but there may be times when it should be addressed on demand. Visually inspect your roof on a regular basis to check for debris, stains, or signs of moss or algae growth that should be addressed with roof cleaning. Delaying or skipping a clean can cause your roof to decay, particularly if the algae is allowed to grow and mold spreads.

We also do not recommend trying to clean your roof on your own, since there are significant safety risks involved and incorrect cleaning methods can actually damage the roof. Trust our team to take care of this important investment so that it will protect your home for many years to come.