How Our Roof Coatings Protect Your Roof

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If you want to make your roof last as long as possible, you can turn to our team at Save My Roof. We have extensive experience in the roofing industry, and we offer an excellent range of services and products that will help you, well, save your roof! In this article, we’ll focus on our roof coatings and explain how they protect your roof from damage, as well as how they can extend your roof’s overall lifespan.

How Our Roof Coatings Protect Your Roof

The Roof Aging Process

Before you can understand how our roof coatings protect and rejuvenate your roof, you first need to know what happens to your roof as it ages. New asphalt shingles are full of a natural oil that keeps them supple and flexible, but over time, that oil will gradually evaporate away. This causes your shingles to lose their flexibility and become brittle.

How Our Roof Coatings Work

Our team offers Roof Maxx treatments, a type of roof coating that is specifically designed to counter the natural shingle aging process and restore your shingles to like-new condition. We coat your shingles in a specialized bio-oil, which is then absorbed into the asphalt, causing the material to become flexible once more.

Why Shingle Flexibility Matters

The reason our roof coatings help protect your roof is because restoring your shingles’ lost flexibility allows them to form a more robust protective layer. As your shingles dry out, they also shrink and pull away from each other, but restoring their oil content returns them to their original size as well, maintaining their seamless protection.