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A new way to make your roof last longer.

The average life expectancy of a new roof is about 25 to 35 years. This is a not a decent lifespan for something that should withstand and protect your home from all sorts of wind, storms, pests, and the elements in general on a daily basis. That 25-to-35-year mark could even come up when it’s too inconvenient to schedule a roof replacement. Fortunately, we at Save My Roof offer an alternate solution for anyone in the Oak Creek, Wisconsin area: roof coatings.

Roof Coatings in Oak Creek, Wisconsin

Roof coatings can be the perfect alternative to a roof replacement if your roof isn’t in too poor of a condition. Just like a band aid can’t fix a broken leg, an application of a roof coating can’t make up for a roof that has suffered irreparable damage from a bad storm. It can, however, add years to your roof’s lifespan when your roof just has some minor wear and tear and the coating is applied properly. Our roof coatings can rejuvenate your shingles and return the flexibility they have lost over time. This will allow your shingles to protect your roof and home as if they were brand new again.

Our roof coatings can also add an extra layer of protection for your roof. That way, it can withstand the elements even better than before, allowing it to protect you and your home even more. One of our favorite roof coatings is Roof Maxx. It has been known to help roofs last even up to fifteen years longer than usual when applied regularly. One thing about roof coatings is that they often have to be applied every few years to offer the most protection. Even with multiple applications, they are still a more affordable alternative to roof replacement.

Make your roof last longer before you have to replace it. Give us a call today to schedule your roof coating appointment.

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