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Extend and protect your roof’s lifespan with our patented 100% bio-grade solution.

As with anything, your roof wasn’t meant to last forever. Typically, a roof should last about 25 to 35 years before you need to replace it, and replacements can be pretty expensive. Here at Save My Roof, we prefer to use a more affordable solution to replacing roofs. It’s called Roof Maxx, and this treatment is available to anyone in the Oak Creek, Wisconsin area.

Roof Maxx in Oak Creek, Wisconsin

Roof Maxx is a special treatment that we can spray onto your asphalt roofing shingles to rejuvenate them. The patented, 100% soy-based, methyl ester mixture will replenish the oils in your shingles that allow their flexibility and pliability, and therefore protect your roof! This treatment makes your roof like new again, and you can continue to enjoy your roof for up to five or even fifteen-plus years when the treatment is applied as needed.

We value our customers and understand that not everyone can afford pricey roof replacements. That’s why we often choose Roof Maxx as one of our favorite roofing solutions. It’s more affordable and allows you to get a longer lifespan out of your roof. Even if it takes two or three applications of the treatment over time, it’s still more cost-effective than your typical roof replacement. Join millions now who have already benefited from a Roof Maxx treatment. Don’t wait– rejuvenate!!

Add years to your roof’s lifespan when you try our favorite roofing solution. Give us a call today to schedule your free roof assessment.

FAQs About Roof Maxx

While Roof Maxx has proven itself to be an incredible and cost-effective alternative to roof replacement, it’s new to a lot of homeowners. If you are unfamiliar with Roof Maxx, you’re going to have some questions for us, and we are more than happy to provide the answers you need. Below, you will find the answers to some of our frequently asked questions. We also encourage you to reach out if you have additional questions about Roof Maxx.

Can Roof Maxx improve my roof’s appearance?

The purpose of Roof Maxx is primarily functional, but it can still make your roof look better than it currently does. When we apply the Roof Maxx oil to your roof, it will restore your shingles’ flexibility and darken them, making them appear more like they did when they were new.

Can I apply Roof Maxx to make my new roof last longer?
We don’t recommend this. A new shingle roof will still have much of its original oil and won’t need Roof Maxx yet. After it has been about 6 to 10 years since your roof was installed, it may be worth it to have us inspect your roof for granule loss so we can help you decide whether it’s time to start protecting your roof with Roof Maxx.
How much does a Roof Maxx treatment cost?
Pricing is based on the square footage of your home, but we can provide a free estimate.
Do you offer a warranty?
Yes, we offer a 5-year warranty.
When can I get on the schedule?
In most cases, we can get you on our schedule within 2 weeks after you contact us.
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